Welcome to Afro-think-it-Right Platform

Our primary goal is to provide a medium of self-expression for millions of talented young writers out there, whose minds have become fertile grounds for ideas that enhance personal growth and fulfilment.  Therefore, this website  serves as a medium for these creative individuals to experiment their thoughts and gain new insights by being expose to views of like-minds.

I am Augustine Farinola, your humble host. I will share some of my poems, short stories, and plays with you on this platform. I have opened this website so as to be able to publish your stories and to learn from your remarks. Thank you.



With smile it draws near, with venom it scares,It mirrors you, but sees only itself,Being trapped in the cage of  its angelic presence,It’s like being clothed in a wicked virtuous garment.If not for the downpour of heavenly bliss,Radiating its energy into your chattered soul,Your breath would have ceased by its injected venom,From its fang wrapped […]

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A Short Play

A Play Title: Dying To LiveAuthor: Augustine Farinola The PlotWith the general awareness or widespread of HIV/AIDS, and the identification of people suffering from it within our local environment, a reaction arises, worse than the latter-This is the stigmatization of the HIV/AIDS Patients“Dying To Live” is the story of Mama Gilo (and the Market Women) […]

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Short Story

A Short Story

Title: On my knees’            Author: Farinola AugustineIn an army barracks located along Mokola Road in Ibadan, there lived Mr. Akin with his children. His wife, a nurse, works and resides in Ogbomoso, and only comes around on Sundays. Mr. Akin is a tough military man, who doesn’t tolerate any nonsense from his children. Jumoke, a […]

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