Lost Forever

Swinging like the wings of an eagle,
Panging on the pang of eagerness,
Rubbing the soul like a rumbling mess,
Sweet voice that pains the heart.

So difficult to admit, yet still there,
Ringing ‘gin-gon’ on a defenceless ear,
Painting up images on a vain less memory,
 A heartfelt sound that roars the soul.

A game of the heart, a cureless wound,
Romeo’s poison, Socrates’ hemlock,
Adding insults to injury, a food for the fool,
So difficult to admit, yet still there.

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Farinola Augustine
Augustine is a Writer, a Philosopher, and an ICT Professional. He is a specialist in web designing as well as content writing. His academic curiosity drives him into a continuous research on findings of Scholars in Science and Technology. In recent times, his publications aim at addressing the moral, ethical, cultural, phenomenological, and existential implications implication of Computing and Virtual Reality Technology on humans and the entire cosmos.

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