Sound Pattern

  1. Rime: When two words end with the same sound they are said to rime.

Greet  /  seat

Cow  / how

Bend  /  send

Fight  /  bright

A good rime must have

  1. The same consonant sounds:

laid  / paid

sent / beat

height / bite

port / thought

  1. The same vowel sounds:

lay / pay

see / bee

high / buy

grey /say

  1. The stressed syllables and unstressed syllables at the end of two words must be the same if the words are to rime well:

Pretty / arty

Heaven / seven

Feather / weather

Fountain / mountain

  1. The stress on the riming syllables must be as strong one to make a good rime. Rime helps in the echoing back and forth of similar sounds
  2. Rhythm: Rhythm is the alternation of stressed words or syllabus with unstressed or lightly stressed words and syllabus. The words that are stressed are the important ones: The nouns, verbs, adjectives and so on, whereas the article (‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’), preposition, the ‘to’ of the infinitive, and so on, are often scarcely stressed at all.
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