With your cunningness, you grasp me at the peak of my youth,
With the glorious radiance of my beauty, you struggled to become my friend,
You lavished me with all adjectives to qualify my beauty,
You expressed your deeper and inner love for me.
You seduced me into relationship with you,
Then, I gave in.

I devoted all my thoughts to you,
I spent all me precious time going out with you,
I shun all approaching guys because of you
You dominated my world with your constant
Assurance of a deeper love for me.

I structured my future along with your promise for me,
I gave up all opportunities in order not to break your heart,
I entered a solitary mood in your absence,
And I endured the pain for your sake,
I equate your success with mine ,and your failures too.
I hopefully await the future with you as my husband forever.

Indeed, you rock my world.
I spent most of my youthful moments with you at relaxation,
I filled my album with your pictures, which
I admired both day and night,
I devoted all my contemplative moments on reading your love letter and texts,
I felt on top of the world when we cat-walk together in the public,
I pondered on the depth of your love for me day and night.

Had I known that it was an insincere and fake love,
Had I known that  you were just using me to fulfil your ambitions,
Had I known that you had a hidden agenda in your relationship with me,
Had I known that you were just seeing me as a tool for emotional relief,
I would have not given you my heart and soul,
Oh! You break my heart.

Why must you say the worst and run away,
Why must you turn great moments in my life to mere dreams?
Why must you leave me at the late hour of my youth?
Why must you break my heart when my beauty has worn-out?
Why must you do such a great harm to me?
And make my life worthless and absurd,
Why must you make me an object of insult to my enemies?
Why? Why? And why must you break my heart? And
Leave me with an incurable wound.

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Farinola Augustine
Augustine is a Writer, a Philosopher, and an ICT Professional. He is a specialist in web designing as well as content writing. His academic curiosity drives him into a continuous research on findings of Scholars in Science and Technology. In recent times, his publications aim at addressing the moral, ethical, cultural, phenomenological, and existential implications implication of Computing and Virtual Reality Technology on humans and the entire cosmos.

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