Tell me about things not to do; and I will tell you never to go to where you were never wanted
The greatest trap of life is to enter the Den of internal hatred;
The reflection of an unrealistic shadow; that sour one’s taste of reality
It creates an immeasurable torment that even the soul can hardly bears.

If only you know of the greatest torment, you will care less about the body
As your soul suffers deep pain that shakes the innermost part of your depth
Where else does survivor emerges? What else constitutes the strength of a strong man?
If not the depth of an ordered soul; Crush his inner being and see his chattered life.

Tell me not of Hell as a state of the damned, and I could take you round its wall,
Think not of the lake of fire, and I will show you crushed souls,
Burning in the breeze of hatred, with a sustaining flame ignited in the depth of their being,
And their roasting bodies burns invisibly till their annihilation become evident.

I was once there, I once fought a battle with the weapons that held my soul in safety
Breathing heavily from a race of thousand miles, and mending injuries of my wounded soul,
If I was to tell you the tale of the battle, you would know of a war that worth it,
And if you see me alive, rejoice not; just check if my soul’s injuries are mended.

Tell me a tale of love, and I tell you a myth of crushed souls with moving bodies;
The power that lies therein is a renewed being,
And the ascertained victory is an empowered body,
Once fought, once conquered, the vindication lasts forever.

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Farinola Augustine
Augustine is a Writer, a Philosopher, and an ICT Professional. He is a specialist in web designing as well as content writing. His academic curiosity drives him into a continuous research on findings of Scholars in Science and Technology. In recent times, his publications aim at addressing the moral, ethical, cultural, phenomenological, and existential implications implication of Computing and Virtual Reality Technology on humans and the entire cosmos.

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