With smile it draws near, with venom it scares,
It mirrors you, but sees only itself,
Being trapped in the cage of  its angelic presence,
It’s like being clothed in a wicked virtuous garment.

If not for the downpour of heavenly bliss,
Radiating its energy into your chattered soul,
Your breath would have ceased by its injected venom,
From its fang wrapped as tongues in sacs of evil.

Tell me the tale of the brumating rhumba,
And I will tell you the leged of the Kingsnake,
In its protecting presence lies the danger for its speecies,
And under its garment of virtues lies wicked tactics.

Come not near its burrow, less you become a walking corpse,
Walk not in its conforting presence, less you get bitten.
Nonanya told me the tale of ‘The King of Love’,
But it’s actually the tale of Anaconda’s Love!

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Farinola Augustine
Augustine is a Writer, a Philosopher, and an ICT Professional. He is a specialist in web designing as well as content writing. His academic curiosity drives him into a continuous research on findings of Scholars in Science and Technology. In recent times, his publications aim at addressing the moral, ethical, cultural, phenomenological, and existential implications implication of Computing and Virtual Reality Technology on humans and the entire cosmos.

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