My mother told me; my father revealed it to me,
That I am beautiful.
While I was a little girl, everyone struggle to carry me,
All the people that I came across sing in praise of my beauty.
Initially, I don’t understand their gestures.
But now, I know that I am so beautiful.
Viewing myself on the mirror, I never cease to ask myself,
‘Why Am I so beautiful?’

Wow! I thought I am the only girl in the world of men,
Come and see me under the Mango tree,
Surrounded by handsome young men,
They surrounded me as bees encircle the plant’s sap,
They gathered round me as ants congregate round
A bottle of honey,
They all want to hear from me,
They all want to look into my eyes,
They all want to have a close glance at my
Wonderfully shaped face.
It seems they are confused; it appears as if they
Were carried away into a an unknown realm,
What do they really want from me?

This one comes, he speaks for so long, I thought he would never stop,
That one comes, he sits so conveniently that I thought he would never leave,
Every new day, I encounter new ones,
They mail me, phone me, text me, poke me, write to me, and
Even paid me visit,
What is all these all about?
What do they think I can offer them?

If it is my face that inspires them, I shall exhibit my pictures on the net,
If they yearn to hear my voice, I’m actually studying to become a TV presenter,
If they just desire to glance at my gentle smile,
I will always smile any where I find myself.
Oh! I am put into confusion since I don’t
Know what they want from me.
But, what I suspects they are looking for is difficult to give,
It is meant for just one person,
He alone deserves my affection, intimacy, and deep romance.

For heaven’s sake, who will I belong to?
Whose explanation will I accept?
Whose poem sounds lovely?
I never cease questioning myself.
Oh! Fear grows within me,
I thought of what will become of me
If I lose my beauty.

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Farinola Augustine
Augustine is a Writer, a Philosopher, and an ICT Professional. He is a specialist in web designing as well as content writing. His academic curiosity drives him into a continuous research on findings of Scholars in Science and Technology. In recent times, his publications aim at addressing the moral, ethical, cultural, phenomenological, and existential implications implication of Computing and Virtual Reality Technology on humans and the entire cosmos.

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